Monday, January 14, 2013

WWE John Cena Hoax

A rumor that already circulating thru social media sites, most especially in facebook claims that WWE Star John Cena, is already dead due to a head injury while doing a stunt practice with his fellow WWE Co-Stars.

Detailed Analysis
According to this message, John Cena of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fame has died of a head injury while perfecting a stunt with fellow WWE performer Dwayne Johnson. The message claims that authorities are investigating the accident. Viewers of the message are invited to click a link to watch a video of the accident and the efforts to save the star.
However, the claims in the message are untrue. John Cena is alive and well. There are no credible media or news reports that he has been killed or injured. Nor has WWE reported any such incident involving John Cena. In fact, the message is a reworking of another recent hoax that claimed that WWE star Undertaker had died of a neck injury. As revealed in the following example, the earlier version claimed that Undertaker had died while practicing with John Cena:
The Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment died in a neck injury while practicing a wrestling stunt with WWE co - star John Cena. Police are now investigating. Watch the practice video and their effort to save THE UNDERTAKER (for 18yrs & above) --> [link removed]
These wrestler death hoaxes attempt to trick Facebook users into clicking a link in the messages. Links in the messages point to survey scams, some of which include rogue Facebook applications.
Various other false death rumors about both John Cena and Undertaker have also been circulating via Twitter and email over the last several months. Yet another version claimed that those who click a link can view a video of a bout between John Cena and Undertaker which has been called "the bloodiest fight ever". Again, links in the message lead to a rogue app and survey scam. Fans should ignore these rumors  And, if you see such a message, do not follow any links that it may contain.

A Public Service Announcement was released by TV5 a while ago thru facebook relevant to this hoax, and give instructions on how we could remove it.
Please do not click the "John Cena of WWE died" link that you see all over the comments on the posts on Facebook. This is a spam link, and it leads to either a MALWARE app or program.
If you clicked on this link and you installed an app on your facebook this is how you remove it:
    •  Go to your accout settings, you can find that top right corner of your facebook page, it looks like a "clock gear". Click "Account Settings"
    • Click "APPS" , then remove the malware app by clicking the "x" button, you may want to clean up your apps while your at it too. Remove the apps that you don't use anymore. :)
If you were asked to intall a program on your computer, or run a software update this is how you remove it:
    •  if you can remember what software it asked you to run, go ahead and uninstall it. Or just run an antivirus program.
LASTLY, Go to a "clean" computer and change your FACEBOOK account password, as well as your other online account passwords such as: emails and forum accounts.


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