Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to Skip Online Surveys

Have you ever experienced that you where visiting a certain site to download music, video streaming, register, or anything alike, and then suddenly a popup will then just appear? Then that popup is a survey, which requires you to complete it first before you could proceed, it’s kind of annoying right? And there are some that are not legit, considered as a spam, just for them to monetize their site by filling out their survey. And we, eager to proceed and get what we want, we keep continuing to take that survey, and then just give up because it will just lead us nowhere.

XJZ Survey Remover is a useful tool that help us remove this kind of annoying surveys.
skip surveyThe XJZ Survey Remover is designed to help protect your privacy online and save both your time and money, by allowing you to access "premium" content areas on websites, without completing surveys. The bookmarklet uses advanced javascript techniques to change the way websites layout their content, thereby allowing the you to view it correctly, without having to do a survey just for someone else to profit from your time!

Removes the surveys from:

How to Install

Just open your browser (any browser would do, but I prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), then drag the link below to your bookmark

Drag me to your Bookmark!

Or you could alternatively copy and paste this code into your browser’s address bar to use it, but then, it only works with older browsers.

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After putting it on your bookmark, just click it to skip surveys.

If you haven’t enabled your Bookmark in Google Chrome just press Ctrl+Shift+B in your keyboard then the bookmark toolbar will just toggle down.

Source: Survey Remover

Hope it helps!


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