Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Download Torrent Using Zbigz

To have some overviews, basically a torrent file relies on its seeders and leechers, the more quantity it has, the better. But whenever the download has been stopped or paused you can’t open it as a regular files, since it doesn’t contain yet all the necessary data for it to be complete. However, it can be resumed using a BitTorrent client, as long as the file is available from another server.

What is a torrent?
BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data and one of the most common protocols for transferring large files.

But as mentioned above, it RELIES on its seeders and leechers. So what if you want to download something like an album,games, or an applications then it don’t have enough seeders and leechers?, then the most saddest news would be if the size of it is BIG, let say 2G above, so it means that it’ll take time or rather just forget downloading it (opt for last resort). ^^

But no worries, we can still download torrent files using idman (internet download manager), but how is it possible then? Actually, it is possible using Zbigz an online Bittorrent client, alternative to And we all know that idman gives us a greater download speed and it don’t rely with seeders and leechers unlike torrent, and can even download torrents where torrent sites are blocked, so that gave us a plus.

To start with,

Step 1: First download Internet Download Manager and install it
Step 2: After that go to a Torrent Site and download torrent file using idman
Step 3: Go to Zbigz
Step 4: Upload torrent file. See screenshot below [Click image to enlarge]

Step 5: You will then choose either Free or Premium, though there will be a lot of privileges having a premium account but then, we love Free, right?!
Step 6: It will start caching your torrent file then download button will just appear once finish.
Step 7: After that just click Download button, then idman will then appear, then that’s it..
[Click image to enlarge]

There will be some few limitations on using free service though, like your torrent file will just be stored for a very short time, so just make sure you download it directly because might be it will be deleted on their server. But well it’s totally free, and you could use it on daily basis to download torrents faster and anonymously.

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